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Developing energy-efficient and automated solutions for national and international industrial and maritime customers has been in our focus since 1973.

Contributing to securing and optimizing critical processors at our customers is a responsibility that many years of daily presence on the factory floor and on board tankers and other vessels has taught us the importance.

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The industry is constantly pursuing new methods for optimizing production processes and routines.

We work intensively to deliver the most innovative technologies for this specific purpose.

We develop and run automation solutions for series-producing companies where processed items are typically handled at extreme speeds.

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Our modern and fully integrated automation solutions cover many of the operations on board of any seagoing vessel.

We retain an exceptional level of world-wide marine service in order to ensure fast and efficient interventions during replacement and maintenance.

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For modern machine builders we supply high-quality automation components and systems.

We frequently act as the engineering department of our OEMs.

Along with each project we offer attractive service contracts ensuring our OEMs and their customers fast and efficient service and maintenance.

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